Better Days

by Going Away Party

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released June 29, 2014

All tracks written and performed by Going Away Party

Recorded at Annex Audio
Produced and Mastered Ricky Beetlestone



all rights reserved


Going Away Party Slough, UK

3 piece Emo band from Berkshire
Perry Hood - Vocals/Guitar
Jake Dyer - Bass/Backing Vocals
Tom Jeffries - Drums/Backing Vocals

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Track Name: Better Days
So come on, lean into me
And I will breathe you in
And we'll both get lost in here

Cause I know, it seems we've seen better days
But that doesn't mean theres nothing left worth fighting for
Track Name: Skin & Bone
Heading to your house, for dinner with your family
Going over conversation starters in my head
I need to pull this off, need to come off so good
Walking up your drive, breathing heavy, palms are sweating
My mouth is losing a war with mind
Trying to play it cool, but I just can't get the words our right

And it's so damn hard, I want to give you the world
Cause I know you deserve better, yes I know you could do better
Than the wannabe rock star, with the dead end job
Who had to walk his ass here cause he can't even afford to the bus

Yeah I'm not worth much in silver and gold
Yeah I'm just skin and I'm just bone
And all I have is all I am but all I am is yours to own
Track Name: Quiet Weekend
Lets put the kettle on
I'll play your favourite songs for you
While we're waiting

And smile as you sing along
And when you tell me
You prefer the way I play them

We don't have to go out tonight
We'll stay in on your settee
Listening to songs about
Coffee Eyes and Boney Knees

Then we can catch a shit friday night movie
And honestly, there's nowhere else I'd rather be

I don't quite know just what I did before you came along
And I don't quite know where I'd be if you hadn't
I don't quite know just what the hell I did before you came along
But I don't want to remember
Track Name: Wyoming
The other day, I ran into your mum down on the street
She double takes to recognise me
Guess I didn't realise, how long it's been
Anyway she said you're doing fine
Got a job in the city and stars in your eyes
Did you find all you were hoping to find?

But I'm glad you made it out, don't get me wrong
I just can't help but wonder where we'd be if you had never gone

It's strange to think, how just a few years ago
I knew you better than anyone, but now you are just anyone to me
And I still haven't quite figured out if I am doing this for us
Or out of spite that you gave up on this so easily

But I'm glad you made it out, don't get me wrong
I just can't help but wonder where we'd be if you had never gone

Please come home
It's not the same since you've been gone
I'm tired of talking with your ghost
And honestly? I miss you
I miss you